1. When your son or daughter reserves a property with ourselves they will give us your contact details as they believe you will be a suitable Guarantor.
  2. Once we have received the details of your son or daughter and their group of friends we will draw up the Tenancy Agreement and Guarantor Agreements.
  3. All our legal documents are signable online so we will email you with a link to your Guarantor Agreement and we will also email you a copy of the Tenancy Agreement that has been sent to your son or daughter and their group of friends.
  4. Please read through the Tenancy Agreement and Guarantor Agreement. All our Tenancy Agreements are generic so you may find some clauses that are not relevant to the property your son or daughter have reserved, such as clauses relating to moving the lawn when they have reserved a second floor apartment.
  5. Once you have read the documents you can then sign the Guarantor Agreement online. The program we use for this will prompt you through the process.
  6. Hopefully that will be the last that you hear from us providing that your son or daughter pays their rent on time and doesn’t damage the property!