We have teamed up with a company called Tenant Shop to streamline your registration process with the local council, water supplier and energy provider(s). Tenant Shop will provide you with a price comparison service and rates that are exclusive to Tenant Shop. Tenant Shop will notify all the necessary organisations that you have arrived and provide your contact information, moving in date and meter readings where applicable.

We will use software supplied by Tenant Shop Limited to notify the local council, water supplier and the energy provider(s) in line with your tenancy start date and again on the tenancy end/vacating date.

We will ask Tenant Shop to contact you on our behalf by Text, Phone and/or Email to offer you Energy and Media comparisons for your new Tenancy. Initially Tenant Shop will contact the lead Tenant in your group before your Tenancy is due to begin. Please note that media and broadband services can take on average 2 to 3 weeks to set up, so if you need these services as soon as the Tenancy commences then you will need to act quickly.

Use of the Tenant Shop is completely optional for you and you can opt out at any time by emailing customerservices@mytenantshop.co.uk

If you have a Tenancy Agreement that includes your utility bills then you do not need to do anything.