If your Tenancy is coming to an end then it is essential that you read through our guide below which will help you, assist us, in returning your deposit at the end of the Tenancy.


All keys must be returned to our office at the latest by 9am the day after the final day of your Tenancy. Failure to return your keys to our office by 9am the day after the last day of your tenancy may result in you being charged for additional rent and a change of locks.

Lost keys and none returned keys will be charged at £20 per key. If returning your keys out of office hours, please post them through our letterbox with your completed ‘End of Tenancy Tenant Details Form’ in an envelope.  Do not post loose keys through our letterbox, we will not know what they are for and you will be charged for replacement keys and locks.


All personal possessions and rubbish must be removed from the house, garages, sheds and outhouses before retuning your keys to our office. Do not leave anything in the house, gardens or garage that belongs to you. If you do leave anything that does not belong to the Landlord you will be charged for the removal of those items.

Please ensure the correct items are put into the correct wheelie bin. The council will not take recycling bins with incorrect contents and you will be charged for emptying the bin if it has been filled incorrectly. For more details of when your bin is collected, please see the Charnwood Borough Council website http://my.charnwood.gov.uk. The council will not take anything that isn’t in a wheelie bin. If you leave any additional rubbish at the property you will be charged at £20 per bag from your deposit for disposal.


We want you to receive your full deposit back so the cleaner and tidier you leave the property the more likely you are to receive your full deposit back. The property should be cleaned throughout to a professional standard either by yourselves or a professional cleaning company. We can supply you with recommended cleaning company’s whom you could employ at your cost.

It is important to remember that cleaning always takes longer than you think and costs much more than you think to employ professional cleaners. By way of examples; not cleaning a toilet or a bathroom suite can cost £50.00 - £100.00 and cleaning and oven may take two visits for cleaning fluid to be left overnight and can cost more than £95.00. To clean a 6 bedroom house by professional cleaners can cost in the region of £600!

The list below, whilst not exhaustive, will give you indication as to what is required to clean the property to a high standard:


  • Dust all woodwork, window sills, skirting boards, doors, door frames and furnishings
  • Pull out all furnishings and clean behind and under the item and return to its original position
  • Clean any cobwebs from around the walls, ceilings & light fittings


  • Remove any food from cupboards, fridges, freezers and anywhere else
  • Freezers should be defrosted and cleaned inside and out including the seals. Click here for a guide to defrosting a freezer.
  • Fridges should be cleaned inside and out including the seals
  • Cookers should be cleaned including any grill trays and shelves and free of grime and smear marks
  • Hobs should be cleaned and free of grime and smear marks
  • Microwaves should be cleaned inside and out and free of grime and smear marks
  • Washing machines should be cleaned especially the powder drawers, fluff filters and around door seals
  • Dishwashers should be cleaned inside and out especially the sides and filters where grime can build up
  • Extractor fans should be cleaned and any broken bulbs and dirty filters replaced
  • Clean all the kitchen units, cupboards and worktops inside and out


  • The bath, sink, shower and W.C. should be clean and free of any grime, lime scale or smear marks
  • The floor, shower heads, screens, and taps should be clean and free of lime scale and smear marks
  • Extractor fans should be clean and free from dust
  • Mirrors should be polished clean without smear marks
  • Hair should be removed from plug holes


  • Dust and clean all furniture, furnishings and light fittings
  • Vacuum and clean all carpets
  • Vacuum and mop all hard floor coverings
  • Clean all blinds and curtains
  • Replace all broken light bulbs
  • Replace any batteries in the smoke detectors
  • Clean off any marks to the walls


Cut the grass and trim the edges of the lawn and tidy the garden by weeding the flower beds.


If you have moved around any furniture or furnishings during your Tenancy then please put the items back where you found them. If we need to instruct contractors to move furniture around when your Tenancy has ended then you will be charged the contractors invoice.


If you have organised all your bills with the utility providers then please ensure that you read the gas, electricity and water meters, and notify your supplier of the last date of your contract, the meter readings and your forwarding address. Please remember you are responsible for the cost of the utilities up to and including the last day of your Tenancy even if you move out earlier. Remember to cancel your broadband and any TV and or telephone service you may have.

When you close your accounts with the utility providers please ask the utility providers to set up the next Tenancy accounts in the name of “The Occupier.”

If we or your Landlord has organised your bills then you don’t need to do anything. We will read the meters on the last day of your tenancy. Should your allowance have been exceeded we will notify you by email once we have received the final bills from the utility suppliers.


Once all the keys have been returned to our office we will conduct a final inspection of your property. At the final inspection one of our Property Managers will check that you have completed everything above and that there is no damage at the house. We aim to contact you by email within 10 working days of your tenancy end date to confirm whether any deductions to your deposit are proposed or whether you will be receiving your full deposit back.

To ensure the smooth return of your deposit we would be grateful if you can complete and return an 'End of Tenancy Tenant Details Form’, which will be emailed to you around 3 to 4 weeks beofre the end of your Tenancy, either in hard copy with your keys at the end of your Tenancy or if someone else is returning your keys on your behalf then please email the completed form to hello@tslc.co.uk.


Please remember to cancel any directs debits or standing orders you have in place to ourselves for rent payments.

We hope you have enjoyed you’re time at your property and we wish you every success for the future. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team on 01509 631 120 or hello@tslc.co.uk